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Changelog 17 September 2015

Kasia HoffmanKasia Hoffman
Sep 17th 15Updated Sep 23rd 15


Take a few minutes to check out the latest changes at Cloud 66.

Cloud 66 Slack community

This week we are excited to announce the release of the Cloud 66 Slack Community. A place where you can ask questions, solve problems, and learn from other awesome developers in a new and interactive way.

This channel will help you support your exciting projects and promote the best practice of using Docker in production. Our aim is to build a strong community and we would love to see you as a part of it.

Join Cloud 66 Slack Community now!

CustomConfig git!

We have replaced our CustomConfig file backend with a Git Repo configuration. This is all behind the scenes on our side; Right now the only impact is that the CustomConfig history is not available via the UI, but is imported to your private Git Repo. Other than that, there is no direct impact to you now. This change gives you more flexibility and allows you not only access your files and versioning but also help you to track the conflicts and more via your own normal Git workflows.

Read more on our help page

HAProxy Load Balancer

With this update, you are able to configure your HAProxy load balancer server size (finally). Find out how on our help page.

Cloud 66 Videos

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