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Changelog 21 May 15

Kasia HoffmanKasia Hoffman
May 21st 15

Have a quick look at the latest changes at Cloud 66, that went out this week.

Stack environment variable changes are now recorded

This update would allow you to view the history of changes made to stack environment variables. You can access this information through the API or the toolbelt (cx) with the --history flag of the env-vars list command.

Note: This feature is available for changes made to environment variables going forward and is not historic.

Passenger 5

We are now supporting the Passenger 5.0.7 version in production. Read more about the performance, HTTP, JSON, API and about better logging, restarting and better WebSockets.

Cloud 66 Docker documentation

We have re-arranged the Docker documentation on our help page to make it more intuitive and easier to navigate for you.

Environment variables in Dockerfile

Now, we can use the environment variables in Dockerfile to securely access your key during the image build on the BuildGrid tool.

New alert channel for in-browser notifications

This update allows you to choose the display of HTML5 browser notifications. Once the browser notification permissions are accepted, it can be configured through the notification page.

What's on

  • Join our online event with Cloud A (10th of June).
    To find out more how to simplify your cloud infrastructure, automate DevOps processes and deploy, configure and manage Docker containers on Cloud-A with Cloud66 join us for a chat.

  • DevOps Masterclass meets up (11th of June).
    We would like to invite you to the DevOps Masterclass with Cloud 66 and Opbeat. More details about the event, here.

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