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Changelog 28 August 2015

Kasia HoffmanKasia Hoffman
Aug 28th 15

Take a few minutes and check the latest changes at Cloud 66!

Weave 1.0

The newest version of Weave 1.0 is now fully supported on new Docker stacks! This inclusion means better stability, and general improvements in the launching and cleanup mechanisms. We're on-hold for the docker 1.8.1 support as there are some networking issues we're waiting for a resolution on (hopefully 1.8.2 will include them!)

Granular permissions

We have spent some time breaking down permissions of each feature to fine grained levels, this is a precursor to us doing some more gritting feature work - so stay tuned!

Elasticsearch 1.7.1

We now support the latest version of the Elasticksearch 1.7.1 by default.

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