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Changelog 30 April 15

Kasia HoffmanKasia Hoffman
Apr 30th 15Updated May 20th 15

In the past week, Cloud 66 has worked on awesome new features and updates to make your life easier. Check out what has changed.

Introducing Cloud 66 App Store

Recently we have launched a Cloud 66 App Store. A new way to deploy applications like Wordpress or Gitlab with ease on your own servers, in an open source format. Have a look at Cloud 66 App Store and check our latest apps.

DigitalOcean Frankfurt

On the 15 April, DigitalOcean opened a new German region in Frankfurt. This is a great news for the German startup community and developers, who can now easily use Cloud 66 to deploy and manage servers in Germany.

Upgrade of Docker and Weave with in-place upgrade options

The new upgrade of Docker (1.6) version and a new Weave 0.10 version are now available at Cloud 66.
You can upgrade the new versions by selecting 'deploy with options' from deploy drop-down button.

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