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Changelog 23 July 2015

Kasia HoffmanKasia Hoffman
Jul 23rd 15Updated Jul 29th 15


Take a few minutes and check the latest changes at Cloud 66.

Load Balancing SSL Termination

We are pretty excited about this announcement, as this feature was your top request on the user voice list and is now available. It involves support for SSL termination on Elastic Load Balancer, and all HAProxy 1.5 instances (If your HAProxy version is below 1.5 and you need this feature, please remove and re-add the Load Balancer but beware of down-time of course!).

It couldn't be simpler to add SSL termination via the SSL Certificate Add-In configuration.

GitLab App on AppStore

We now support the latest version of GitLab CI 7.13.1 with Two-Factor Authentication. This update brings new backup and restore functionality, improvements in the UI and other new awesome features.

Visit the Cloud 66 App Store to install GitLab app with a single click today!

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