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Failover Groups - how can it help you achieve high availability

Kasia HoffmanKasia Hoffman
Feb 10th 15Updated Jul 26th 17

Failover Group is a new name to what you might know as ElasticAddress. The name was changed to make it more convenient and easier to find.

What is a Failover Group?

A Failover Group offers a solution for the fast and secure traffic switching between your stacks. This feature allows you to build the web applications or APIs across multiple geographical locations and switch the traffic to each one in a short space of time, giving you high availability for your applications. Failover Groups automatically follow the web endpoint of your stack, by managing the DNS addresses. This will allow you to redirect the traffic between 2 stacks (the primary and backup stacks) quickly and without disrupting your site’s visitors.

Note: Using Failover Groups is like taking backups of your laptop: you need to do it before you need to use it! Having a Failover Group for your stacks will allow you to recover from downtimes.

Where can you find Failover Group?

The Failover Group information is visible right on your dashboard.
Find more about Failover Group on our help site.

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