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Announcing New Cloud 66 Security Features

Khash SajadiKhash Sajadi
May 14th 19Updated Jun 20th 22


As your DevOps partners, your infrastructure security is our highest priority. While all Cloud 66 customers have been enjoying many of the built-in security features from two-factor authentication, audit logs, fine-grained access control for team members, suspicious login alerts, and many more, we haven't stopped making your Cloud 66 experience more secure. Today I am excited to introduce a new set of security features on Cloud 66 available to all Cloud 66 customers.

FIDO U2F Key Support

Now you can use FIDO U2F keys like Yubikey with your Cloud 66 account. FIDO keys are much more secure than using only passwords and are more convenient than using token based 2-factor authentication apps like Google Authenticator. Moreover, you can link more than 1 FIDO key to your account to ensure access even when you lose your key. We have also partnered with Krypton to rollout full Cloud 66 integration in the Krypton app which acts as a software-based FIDO key using your mobile phones.

2FA Enforcement

Team owners can now enforce the use of 2FA and FIDO on all team members. Team members cannot switch organizations until they have enabled the extra security measures when this feature is used.

Security Advisory Page

With a new Security Advisory Page (Login and Security under your Account page), all security-related features and information are visible in a single page for you to review and make decisions on. The Security Advisory Page also shows a report of your account's security rating and improvements at all times.

We hope you enjoying these security improvements and encourage you to check out the new security advisory page regularly to make sure your Cloud 66 accounts are always safe and secure.

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