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Changelog 8th October 2020

Kasia HoffmanKasia Hoffman
Oct 8th 20Updated Oct 8th 20


Welcome to the Cloud 66 Changelog. These are the changes that have gone out this month:

Service Accounts


Today I am excited to announce the general availability of Service Accounts. Service Accounts are special, limited user accounts without access to the Cloud 66 Dashboard. They can be used to set up and centralise automations and notifications.

If you use notifications like Slack for your Cloud 66 applications, you probably want to limit them to a single notification per event, to avoid being either flooded by notifications or having some team members miss notifications.

More importantly, you would prefer that your notifications and API integrations not be linked to a single person, otherwise they will break if that person ever leaves your team. Service Accounts are a perfect solution for this: set up a Service Account and use it to handle notifications, CX (Toolbelt) and API integrations as you would with a real team member.

You can find more information about Service Accounts on our blog.

Support Ticket Status


All Cloud 66 customers can now track the progress of their support tickets, as well as see a list of their previous support tickets under the Support link on the dashboard. As your ticket moves around within Cloud 66 (1st line support, 2nd line escalation, etc) it will be updated on this page so you can keep track of its progress.

To see this page, click on the Support link on top of your dashboard.

Propagation of Tags to Cloud Providers


We are pleased to announce the Beta release of component tag propagation to cloud providers. This allows you to more easily identify and link components across different platforms. At the moment the components that support this feature are cloud servers and load balancers. For a list of the cloud providers that support this feature, and additional information, please see our Tagging components help documentation.

Tag propagation is available to our Beta Program members. If you would like to join our Beta Program, head to your Account page and check the box for Beta Program.

Kubernetes Labels/Annotations in Maestro


We have just released support for user-defined Kubernetes labels and annotations on Maestro stacks. We use the tags key in your service.yml to determine your Kubernetes Resource labels, and the new annotations key in your service.yml to determine your Kubernetes Resource annotations. For examples and more detail please see the Service Tags and Annotations help documentation.

New Ruby Version


For our Rails/Rack users, in case you missed it earlier this week, Ruby v2.7.2 is now available. For more information, see the official release notes.

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