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Changelog 10th September 2020

Kasia HoffmanKasia Hoffman
Sep 10th 20Updated Sep 10th 20


Welcome to the Cloud 66 Changelog. These are the changes that have gone out this month:

Maestro Repair Options


There are some scenarios in which your Kubernetes cluster could become unavailable. The most common cause of this issue is a cluster with a single master that runs out of memory or gets locked into scheduling services that are utilizing all of its available resources. This can cause processes to be killed, the cluster to become unreachable, and, in the worst cases, corrupt the master. The fastest way to resolve this is to repair your cluster, essentially reinitializing it as new.

Now, if you're faced with this scenario, you can run the repair operation yourself! We've replaced our deploy-with-options overlay with a side-drawer component which gives us some more space to work with. Take a look at our help documentation for more on this new option!

Maestro Bulk Deletes


We now support scaling down (deletion) of multiple maestro worker nodes at once. We already support this for Rails/Rack servers, so this update brings Maestro applications in-line. This feature is particularly useful for users with larger clusters who are looking to resize or rotate the servers!

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