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Changelog 24th May 2018

Kasia HoffmanKasia Hoffman
May 24th 18Updated Jul 5th 22


Welcome to the Cloud 66 Changelog. Please take a quick look at the latest changes that have gone out this week!

CSv2 Visual Update

We have introduced a brand new UI representation of your CSv2 service pods. Previously we represented your pods simply as having two states up or down. As kubernetes is now scheduling pods on your cluster we needed additional visual states for them.

Now all pods have a state of running , down or pending (NOTE: pending could mean busy downloading an image; waiting for container readiness check; or only one of two required containers started ...sidecar support coming soon!)

Additionally, during a deployment, you may have existing pods from previous deployments still running (while waiting for the new pods to start and traffic to switch over). During this time you will now see a grouping of old pods so you can have more clarity on what is happening. In an attempt to keep the UI focused and clear (and avoid cognitive overhead) we hide any non-running empty groups of pods by default.

A couple of other improvements are that we have made the service deployment logs (from kubernetes) and application logs (from your application) links permanently available for your service - becoming visible on row hover. Lastly - when scaling up services you can now type your service count directly into the UI desired pod count. For this one I hear those of you out there with hundreds of pods breathing a collective sigh of relief!

Kubernetes v1.10 support

The Kubernetes project is in full swing and releases are coming out frequently! As always we hold off on adding support for new versions until its been vetted internally; so now go ahead and enjoy the latest bugfixes/improvements Kubernetes has to offer.

New stacks will be deployed with v1.10 by default; older stacks can be upgraded with a deploy-with-upgrades deployment (Note: it is recommended to apply security patches and allow server reboots when upgrading kubernetes, and that this operation will incur downtime).

More information is available for the release here. As part of this update we now also now support updated network overlay components Calico v3.1.1 or Flannel v0.10.0.

Habitus v1.0.3 is released

Habitus, our open source build workflow tool for Docker has a new release: 1.0.3. This release adds support for build context selection (Dockerfile location selection under a subfolder for example).

Cloud 66 Open Source Survey

Please, complete our survey about projects that we maintain: Habitus, Starter and Copper. Answer three questions and tell us how are you using our open source projects. Thank you!


Container Days, 18-20 June 2018 in Hamburg
We will be presenting a talk at the Container Days event, where the European container community will gather for three days full of container craziness. Let's get in touch and learn more about Kubernetes and Container Delivery Pipeline.

OpenShift Commons briefing, 28 June 2018 at 9 AM PDT
Register for the webinar where we will talk about making the most of your production clusters by bringing policy-as-code into the Container Delivery Pipeline.

Google Cloud Next, 24-26 July 2018 in San Francisco
You can also meet us at Google Cloud Next, and talk about how GKE helped us accelerate our own roadmap (read more about that here).

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