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Changelog 21st July 2016

Kasia HoffmanKasia Hoffman
Jul 21st 16Updated Jul 21st 16


Welcome to the Cloud 66 Changelog. Please take a quick look at the latest changes that went out this week!

Rails v5.0

Rails v5.0 is now supported on Cloud 66. The Rails v5.0 update includes a number of new feature releases such as Action Cable and API mode, which are all available to Cloud 66 users.

Read our blog post to find out more about how Rails v5.0 integrates with Cloud 66

Rack Custom Web Servers

We now have a stack-level option to perform additional health checks on separate custom web processes during deployment (Puma, Unicorn, Thin and etc.) If we detect your application isn't “healthy” we'll automatically fail the deployment.

Check out our help page for more details

Note This update does not apply to Docker or Passenger bases stacks.

Deployment Lockdown

We're excited to announce the release of a new feature called, Deployment Lockdown. It helps create a formal approval chain to manage server deployments to production within a team. You can designate a secondary member within a team who has approval rights to confirm the deployment request.

For further details on Deployment Lockdown check out our blog

Cloud Target Restrictions

Cloud Target Restriction is another feature ideal for customer accounts with large teams who deploy stacks to multiple clouds providers. It allows account administrators to specify which person in the team can access which cloud provider accounts for deployments.

Find out more about Cloud Target Restrictions on our blog

Cloud 66 Events Timeline:

  • Outreach Digital London
    Wednesday, 27 July at 6.30 pm UTC
    Join Daniel at the Outreach Digital Meetup to find out more about his Docker 101 talk on App development, and running containers in production.

  • Exception Twente in The Netherlands
    Wednesday, 7 September at 7 pm
    Listen to Daniels talk at the Democon Enschede, and learn more about Docker workflow in production.

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