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Changelog 23rd June 2016

Kasia HoffmanKasia Hoffman
Jun 23rd 16Updated Aug 18th 16


Welcome to the Cloud 66 Changelog. Please take a quick look at the latest changes that went out this week!

ELK Stack on the EasyDeploy App Store

Back in April, we have added ELK Stack as a new feature. This feature helps you centralize logging, log enrichment, and parsing. Today we're happy to announce that ELK Stack is now available in our EasyDeploy App Store.

Read more about ELK Stack on our help page -->
And find out more about the Cloud 66 EasyDeploy App Store in this blog post -->

Better visualization for your team

Until now, accounts with multiple teams could separate each team by giving them different naming conventions. While this is great, it can sometimes be difficult to navigate.

In response to that, we've introduced automatically-generated 'identicons', to help you create a visual representation for each team.

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