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Support for AWS IAM Instance Profiles

Kasia HoffmanKasia Hoffman
Nov 30th 20


Today we are happy to announce that our support for AWS IAM Instance Profiles has moved from beta to general availability.

AWS IAM Instance Profiles Overview

AWS IAM Instance Profiles allow developers to set specific roles on new servers that they spin up with AWS. For more information check out AWS's documentation on creating your own Instance Profiles.

Using IAM Instance Profiles with your servers

You can use your Instance Profiles via Cloud 66 by calling them in the manifest file of your application. You can specify the EC2 servers you create and they will be associated with an IAM Instance Profile. It's worth noting that an Instance Profile can contain only one role, but you can remove it and then add a different role if needed.

Also, it allows you to set a different profile for each component of an application (e.g. MySQL or Redis). We will then use that profile whenever we provision a server for that component.

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