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Software Economy Series

Khash SajadiKhash Sajadi
Mar 12th 14Updated Jul 26th 17

Blog posts in the Software Economy Series try to dig a bit deeper in the economy and challenges behind the software business. They include:

SaaS Whack a Mole
Why the business of building hosted utilities looks good only from outside?

Show me the Money: What’s wrong with public PaaS?
How such popular businesses like Heroku manage not to make much money?

The Bigger Pictures: On Sponsoring Open Source Projects
Is taking corporate sponsorship for an open source project the only way to keep a project alive?

Simple vs Simplistic
How consumerization of the enterprise internet fueled by the Lean movement and venture money can lead to simplistic products.

PaaS is hurting you. Here is why

Public PaaS is a good solution but not using it for the right purpose can hurt your business.

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