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GitHub + Cloud 66: a seamless integration to take care of your stack from code to production

Kasia HoffmanKasia Hoffman
Sep 13th 16Updated Jul 26th 17
Ruby on Rails

By integrating together GitHub, one of the world’s most popular code-sharing services for developers with Cloud 66, a DevOps-as-a-Service platform, you will take care of your full stack application from code to production.

Why GitHub and Cloud 66 is great for developers:

We’ve been actively working with GitHub since 2012, and now thanks to our further integration, developers can experience seamless integration of their Git code when using the Cloud 66 service to take their apps from code to production. Where GitHub mainly supports developers with version control and accessibility of their code, Cloud 66 helps them deploy and manage their apps on any cloud provider at all stages of development.

How does GitHub and Cloud 66 work together?

Getting started is pretty easy; you’ll need to create a free Cloud 66 account and provide the GitHub URL to your repository or Dockerfile. Cloud 66 will analyze your repo and build a stack based on your code. These are the 3 easy steps required to help get you familiar with how to use Github with Cloud 66:

Step 1: Building your stack
Before you can deploy your applications to a server using Cloud 66, you’ll first need to build a stack containing the components your application needs to run effectively. This requires:

a. Signing-in to you Cloud 66 account
b. Choosing whether to build a Docker or Rails stack based on your application type

Step 2: Service Configuration
Next, you’ll need to provide a stack name and specify the environment you’d like to deploy to by configuring the services your Rails app or Docker container requires - for example the web, api, ports, databases, worker and so on.

You’ll then need to provide Cloud 66 with access to your Git repo, by adding your SSH keys:

a. Adding the SSH key globally
To add the SSH key globally, click the Account Settings in the top right hand corner, and then SSH keys in the left menu (you can also choose a name).

b. Adding the SSH key to a specific repository
To add the SSH key to a specific repository, first access the Settings menu for that repository. Now simply click Deploy keys and paste your key there (you can also choose a name).

Once this is done, use a Git URL in the following format within the Cloud 66 UI:


Note: this page has basic and advanced configurations, designated by the tabs at the top of the form.

Step 3: Defining your deployment properties
With Cloud 66, you can deploy your stack directly to any of the following cloud providers, AWS, DigitalOcean, GoogleCloud, Microsoft Azure, Packet, Rackspace, Vexxhost, Cloud A or Linode.

Alternatively, you can also use our Registered Servers feature, allowing you to deploy your stack to an on-premise server or data centre. In this case, when you push code changes to your GitHub repository, you can simply click Deploy stack now to push this code to your servers. You can also set up continuous deployment by adding a Cloud 66 redeployment hook to your GitHub repository.

After your stack builds successfully, you can view the log generated by the deployment. You can also choose from a range of awesome services (including: Managed Databases, Networking and Security Solutions, Load Balancing) specially designed to help you manage your app more efficiently while you focus on building great applications.

For further information, check out our Docker and Rails on-boarding materials:

Step-by-Step Docker stack creation and
Step-by-Step Rails stack creation

GitHub + Cloud 66: the perfect integration

As a GitHub user, you already know what a great tool it is for code version control. The distributed nature of repos means that whenever you clone your project, you carry over the entire project history. It’s great for discovering cool new projects, allows you to easily contribute to enhancing open source projects, and has excellent documentation maintained by a large community of enthusiasts, and Cloud 66 enables you to build, deploy and manage full stack Docker and Rails applications, with additional support tools for database backups, replication, load balancing, security and monitoring services to name a few. Using GitHub and Cloud 66 together you will achieve a seamless integration to take care of your stack from code to production.

Happy coding!

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