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Feature Highlight: Application Private Networks

Kasia HoffmanKasia Hoffman
Oct 27th 21Updated Jun 10th 22


What are Application Private Networks?

An Application Private Network (APN) is a private, encrypted network running in parallel with your standard network - essentially a VPN for your application.

How do APNs work?

APNs provide a secure communication channel between your servers. They also allow you securely access your servers through an encrypted tunnel. This tunnel offers a secure connection between web and database servers or between web and backend servers.

APNs are particularly useful when you need to deploy to your own servers, bare metal or to a cloud provider that doesn't support VPNs, or when you want to deploy a single application to multiple cloud providers or data centers. You can use APNs to SSH into your servers without opening port 22 to your current IP address - enhancing your infrastructure's security.

APNs are automatically enabled on all new applications deployed with Cloud 66. They also allow you to browse your application servers through a VPN from your PC or mobile phone.

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