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Enhancing Database Capabilities with Multi-Database and User Management

Dimitrios LisenkoDimitrios Lisenko
Apr 24th 23

Enhancing Database Capabilities with Multi-Database and User Management

In the past few months, our team has worked hard to enhance our database features. We've made significant updates to our database management capabilities, giving our customers the ability to manage multiple logical databases on the same server (or cluster) and to create custom database users.

What’s changed?

Previously, database servers or clusters managed by Cloud 66 only hosted one logical database, limiting the capacity for more complex infrastructure setups. However, with the latest enhancements, servers can host as many logical databases as required, all with their own users.

  • In addition to creating and deleting database users, customers can now change their passwords for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB users via the UI and API.
  • Customers can create and delete additional logical databases for MySQL and PostgreSQL via the UI and API. This update is intended to streamline the database management process and provide greater flexibility for our customers.
  • Our improved MySQL replication method supports replicating all logical databases and users. This enhancement is designed to provide our customers with a more robust and reliable replication solution.
  • Our UI and API now list all current database users and logical databases on the physical database server (or cluster).
  • Our UI now offers database-specific metrics for greater insight into the performance of your databases.

These updates offer improved flexibility and scalability for Cloud 66 customers, enabling them to better manage their databases and infrastructure. Customers can achieve full logical separation of data without needing to spin up a whole new server, which saves both time and money. With this latest enhancement, Cloud 66 remains committed to providing its customers with top-of-the-line deployment and management tools for applications.

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