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Cloud 66 for Rails - pain free deployments

Kasia HoffmanKasia Hoffman
Sep 13th 17Updated Jul 6th 22
Ruby on Rails


This is an introduction to Cloud 66 for Rails product, with a short overview of features and tools that allow developers to deploy and maintain Rails applications in production.

Cloud 66 for Rails builds, manages and maintains your Rails applications that can be deployed to any cloud provider or to your own server. It helps you scale your database with master-slave replication, without having to make any configuration changes. You can add back-ups, load balancers and de-commission servers with a single click.

Here are some features that will make developers life easier:

  • Automatic detection of the gems you are using in your Gemfile and building the servers for them.
  • Support for native Rails concepts like Database migrations, Asset Pipeline Compilation, Webpacks, Active Cable websocket support.
  • Multi-organization support, perfect for your multiple clients.
  • Native database support with backups and replication for MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch, Memcached and RabbitMQ.
  • Audited and controlled SSH access to your servers for your team members.
  • Automatic in-place, zero-downtime update of Ruby and Rails.
  • Popular Rails and Rack frameworks available.
  • A wide range of tools and features, including Load Balancer, LiveLogs, ActiveProtect, Deploy Hooks, Failover Groups, API and command lines, Team Access Control and more.
  • Support for different deployment strategies.

Watch this short introduction demo to some of the features and benefits of using Cloud 66 for Rails to deploy your Rails appls to any server or cloud.

How to get started?

Get started with three easy steps. First connect Cloud 66 to your Git repository (Git, GitHub or Bitbucket), then connect to the cloud provider of your choice (e.g. AWS, DigitalOcean, Linode, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, bare-metal Packet or with our Registered Servers feature to any server) and lastly deploy.

Happy Rails deployments!

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