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Changelog 26th November 2015

Kasia HoffmanKasia Hoffman
Nov 26th 15Updated Aug 18th 16


Welcome to the Cloud 66 weekly Changelog.

Please have a quick look at the latest changes that went out this week!

Big Build and Deployment Improvements

Our team has been working hard to improve stack build and publish workflows and now you can see some of the results: Separate build and publish tasks, Deployment Profiles to care for multi service application deployments, faster parallel builds and a brand new deployment history page are all here now! Learn more about these improvements in our blog.

Server delete support

The most commonly asked feature on our UserVoice forum is now finally available!

Deleting a stack or scaling down your servers now results in removal of the actual cloud server instances. This is an option available at the stack level and is turned off by default. Read more about server delete support in our blog.

Database add-in

Another major improvement and popular feature!

You no longer have to declare the database when you are creating a new stack. Now you are able to add the database at any point to your existing stack.

This update applies to MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB (as well as Redis, Memcached and ElasticSearch). Learn more about this feature here.

Docker v1.9

The new version of Docker 1.9 is now fully supported by Cloud 66 across all our cloud providers.

Weave v1.2.1

Weave provides connectivity for Cloud 66 ContainerNet. It is now upgraded to Weave 1.2.1

New instances support

We have added support for new regions and instance types for the following cloud providers:

Please, check our help page for the deletion details for each of our cloud vendors.

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