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Changelog 9th July 2020

Kasia HoffmanKasia Hoffman
Jul 9th 20


Welcome to the Cloud 66 Changelog. These are the changes that have gone out this month:

Speed Improvements for Rails #2


Rails/Rack users will notice that NGINX is no longer natively compiled during the build step of new servers when using Passenger. NGINX compilation really slowed down the provisioning of new Passenger-based servers, so we've completely refactored the process. The result is a much-improved build time for new servers, with the added benefit of being able to switch between Passenger, Puma, Unicorn or Thin easily and without needing to create new servers. Enjoy your new speedy server provisioning!

Maestro Service Constraints


We've released support for some additional constraints in Maestro services. Using these service constraints you can now tweak how Kubernetes schedules your pods, including how many pods are removed while new pods are created, and how many additional pods can be created at a time.

If you're interested in additional control of your pod scheduling or pod replacement strategies, take a look at our new help pages on service resources and service updates!

Maestro - Kubernetes Certifications


Cloud 66 is now certified with Kubernetes CNCF conformance for versions 1.16, 1.17 and 1.18. This is added to our prior Kubernetes version certifications. With this certification, we are now bumping up our default Kubernetes installations to v1.18 on Maestro stacks!

Bulk Env-Vars API Endpoints


We are pleased to announce new API endpoints for uploading and downloading environment variables in bulk. We know that some users have been waiting patiently for this, so we are very happy to make it public.

We've also created the corresponding commands within the Cloud 66 Toolbelt (cx), so check out our help docs for bulk downloads and bulk uploads.

Introducing Archived Applications


Archiving an application saves the configuration and state of your deployment, turns your servers off, and puts your application in a state of deep-freeze. You don't pay for Archived Applications, which is great if your project hasn't commenced. Once ready, restore the application, and it comes back to life. This feature is available to Cloud 66 Beta Program members. Read our blog for more information.

Metadata Endpoint


You can now query information about the current deployment, and other server details, from within your server, via our new metadata service! This is handy for scripting and can be called via deploy hooks too. Check out the help doc which has some handy examples to get started!

Jobs UI Improvements


We've updated the UI around jobs to provide some additional usability. You can now opt to move the view of your jobs to a new tab, which helps when you have a whole page of them!

New DigitalOcean Server Region


We now support the new DigitalOcean region in San Francisco.
Check out the official DigitalOcean announcement for additional information!

Updated Google Regions and Sizes


We've just completed an update to our Google Compute regions, images, and server sizes. If you were one of the people waiting for this, then go forth and compute!

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