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Changelog 24th October 2019

Kasia HoffmanKasia Hoffman
Oct 24th 19Updated Jun 20th 22
Ruby on Rails


Welcome to the Cloud 66 Changelog. Please take a quick look at the latest changes that have gone out this week!

Rails/Rack Rolling Deployments

Here is a treat for Rails/Rack customers running larger applications (ie. at least one Load Balancer and more than four web servers)! Effective immediately you can now change your deployment strategy to be "Rolling".

This strategy essentially means when we deploy we will split your servers into two groups and:

  • take the first group off the Load Balancer(s)
  • deploy to each of those servers in parallel
  • add them back to the Load Balancer(s)
  • do the same with the second group!

This gives you the benefit of both fast deployment, zero downtime, and security in that if bad code goes out, your application will still be served by the remaining group! This strategy works fantastically well with the health checks we've just announced too!

Take a look at our blog post announcing this, or our help page for more detail!

Enjoy those faster, safer, streamlined deploys!

Rails/Rack Health Checks

Users of Rails/Rack are in for a treat! We now have support for active health checks during deployment. Essentially we will validate that your application is responding as per your requirements (declared in your manifest file) before continuing. And halt deployment if you are not getting the response you expected!

For more information see our health check documentation!


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