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Changelog 14th May 2020

Kasia HoffmanKasia Hoffman
May 14th 20Updated Jun 20th 22


Welcome to the Cloud 66 Changelog. These are the changes that have gone out this week:

Announcing "Bring Your Own Image" for Rails

We are happy to announce the BETA availability of Bring Your Own Image for Rails (BYOI).

With this feature, you can use your own images to spin up servers on supported cloud providers. This means dramatically faster scaling up times as well as the possibility of freezing a server (with a cloud image or snapshot) and creating another server based on that image.

Our launch cloud partners for BYOI are AWS, Google, and DigitalOcean with more coming soon.

If this is a feature that excites you, please go ahead and join the BETA and get started! As always, feedback on this feature is most welcome!

Applying Environment Variable Changes

We've added some options for how changes to your environment variables are applied. Up until now, if you changed your application environment variables, they would be applied immediately to your servers. We would automatically remove your servers from your load balancers in batches, apply the changes, restart required processes, and add your servers back on behind your load balancers.

Now you can choose to defer pushing any changes until your next deployment. This is especially helpful for users who make frequent changes in advance but want to push those changes out simultaneously (and minimize process restarts)

This option is available both via the UI and via the cx toolbelt (by using the cx env-vars set --apply-strategy command).

New AWS Server Sizes/Regions

We have updated our AWS cloud support to include the latest available server sizes, and some additional regions! The following regions have been added:

  1. Africa (Cape Town)
  2. Asia Pacific (Hong Kong)
  3. Middle East (Bahrain)

These are available immediately!

Azure Cloud Updated Regions/Sizes

We've updated regions and sizes for our Azure integration. We've also tidied up some of the internals to improve performance for Azure users! Our API docs have been updated accordingly, so check them out for the list of updated regions and updated sizes. Go forth and Azure!

Notifications Inbox

The Notifications Inbox has had some minor quality-of-life love applied to it. We now give you meaningful actions to view and acknowledge your notifications (as well as grouping them together when they are for the same item). Hopefully, this will make your Notifications Inbox more usable (and used) than before!

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