Changelog 14th April 2022

Announcing Prepress v2


If you have a marketing website, blog, or any type of static website, this one is for you. We just rolled out a major update on our static site builder, Prepress. The Prepress v2 release includes:

  • support for all major cloud providers;
  • new frameworks;
  • a real-time access log with enriched visitor data;
  • a powerful traffic routing engine with Traffic Rules.

All at $1.99 per site per month!

Read more about Prepress v2.

Health Checks Consolidation


We've consolidated health check information into a single section of the Dashboard (under application settings) to simplify configuration and evaluation. Previously, deployment health checks were only available via your manifest configuration. You can now specify an endpoint to check during deployment via the Dashboard.

Find out more in our health checks documentation.

Rolling Deployment Improvements


We've just released some improvements to our rolling deployment workflow (for Rails/Rack applications). We now use an improved heuristic to better balance the available server resources across your server deployment groups and have introduced server tags in case you want to override and control the allocation of server deployment groups yourself.

Lastly, we've also included a warning in the Dashboard if you don't have deployment health checks enabled when using rolling deployments since health checks are integral to ensuring zero-downtime deploys!

Find out more in our help documentation.

New Ruby versions released


For our Rails/Rack customers, the latest Ruby releases v3.1.2, v3.0.4, v2.7.6 and v2.6.10 are now available. These are primarily security patch releases. For more information, see the official Ruby release notes.

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