Announcing Prepress v2

Announcing Cloud 66 Prepress v2 - 'Your own Netlify'

Today I am very excited to announce a major new version of Cloud 66 Prepress, our No Ops tool for deploying static sites.

Last year we released Prepress to help our customers deploy static sites to AWS S3. With support for Jekyll, Hugo, and Gatsby, Prepress is everything you need to deploy your static site to your account on all major cloud providers.

Today, we are taking Prepress to a whole new level.

More cloud providers

Prepress now supports Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Linode as well as AWS. With this wide range of cloud providers, you have more options on where you want to deploy your site as well as benefitting from lower prices for your storage and traffic.

Import from Netlify

Prepress now detects if your site uses Netlify redirect files and automatically imports all your redirect and rewrite rules into your new site, with every deployment.


Requests to your Prepress sites can be monitored in real-time. LiveLogs include not just host and path, but also the visitor's IP address, ISP, country, city, browser, OS, and other user agent information with high accuracy.

Secure by default

All sites deployed with Prepress are now protected by SSL certificates from day one, including full and simple support for custom domains.

More frameworks

Prepress now supports more frameworks: Jekyll, Hugo, Gatsby, Next.js, Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Svelte, Middleman, and Docusaurus v1 and v2 and we will be adding even more soon.

Prepress Traffic Rules

I am particularly excited to tell you about Traffic Rules: a completely new way to control traffic before it reaches your site.

Using Traffic Rules, you can not only redirect and rewrite traffic based on paths or domains but also based on their country of origin, type of OS or browser, or even the internet service provider that your visitors use! With Traffic Rules, you can send traffic from Italy to an Italian version of your site, traffic from mobile devices to a mobile-friendly site, and traffic from Apple computers to a version of the site that's tailored for Apple OS X.

Here are some examples:

 Block {
   when: origin.country_code == "GB" ||
   inRange(origin.ip, "") || == "Chrome",
   message: "Use a different browser when connecting from the UK",
 Redirect {
   from: "^/",
   to: "/mobile/apple/",
   with: permanent,
   when: == "iOS",

Traffic Rules uses Common Expression Language (CEL) to provide maximum flexibility to control the flow of traffic to your websites. By building Traffic Rules on top of CEL, we have built the foundation of many more great features to come this year.

Pricing 🎉🎉🎉

Static sites are important, but shouldn't break the bank. You shouldn't be paying more, just because you want your marketing team to update your site. That's why Prepress pricing is simple and affordable.

Each Prepress site costs $1.99 per month + $0.095 per GB of outbound traffic. You get 120 minutes of free build time per month and any extras are $0.03 per minute after that.

Bring the whole team, enjoy full GitHub and GitLab continuous integration, add your custom domains, be more secure with SSO and 2FA, and everything else we offer to all of our customers at no extra cost.

With the flexibility of having your site hosted on your own cloud account, affordable and scalable pricing, and great features, we can't wait to see what our customers build and deploy with Prepress!

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