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Changelog 11th May 2017

Kasia HoffmanKasia Hoffman
May 11th 17Updated Jul 8th 22


Welcome to Cloud 66 Changelog. Please take a quick look at the latest changes that went out this week!

Multi-hour backup

We've made some improvements to the backup settings to give you more flexibility - now you are able to set every x hour backups. Meaning you can now specify the frequency of your backups e.g. every 2, 7 or 20 hours. This is particularly helpful for customers with very large databases that can take longer than an hour to backup.

Container enthusiasts

Our dev team is currently working on a very exciting container project that is going to be released very soon.

We can't wait for the announcement, but first, we would like to invite all our container enthusiasts to take part in our private beta program to test our new product.

For more information, get in touch via email.

Support Improvements

Astute users might have noticed we've changed our help system.

All the same stuff (and support team) are still there - but the help link is now at the top right of the page titled get support. You can now tell us how urgent your problem is, what stack(s) it relates to, and is more structured, which will help us to streamline handling the tickets.

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