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29 Top articles on Cloud 66 blog in 2017

Kasia HoffmanKasia Hoffman
Dec 27th 17Updated Jul 6th 22
Ruby on Rails


This article includes a collection of the most popular posts published on the Cloud 66 blog in 2017.

The articles have been organized into 5 categories based on technology interest: Containers, Rails, Node, Full Stack and Case Studies. As a bonus, we've added all-time favorite posts that are still relevant and are attracting readers.

Best Articles by Category

#1 Containers

In 2017 there was a lot of happening in the containers and microservices space. And without a doubt, Kubernetes took the lead in orchestration, backed by 15 years of experience at Google, and a thriving CNCF community. We relaunched our stack on Kubernetes in June, and since then, these are the articles that received the highest number of views:

Popular blog posts with the use cases of deploying containers with Cloud 66 in combination with other technologies in production:

#2 Rails

Rails is a mature framework with a strong community around it. For the past 4 years, we have been making it easier for our fellow developers to deploy Rails applications to their own servers. These were the most popular Rails articles in 2017:

#3 Node

Node is a lightweight and dynamic language ideal for real-time applications like chat or games. It also works very well together with a microservices architecture. These were the most popular Node articles in 2017:

#4 Full Stack

In this category, you will find a mixture of articles, starting from tips on UI, nginx, lua and more.

  • position: sticky problem
    This article describes a few gotchas you might encounter if you're trying to integrate sticky positioning into an existing layout (following the release of Chrome 56 position:sticky).

  • box-shadow transition performance
    Learn a handy trick—how to add a CSS transition to animate the box-shadow of an element.

  • Bash Bonanza: Quoting and Escaping
    This article is the first in a five-part sequence. It provides you with tips and tricks on bash that will help you improve your workflow.

  • Supercharging NGINX with LUA
    This is part three of a three-part sequence on lua. It demonstrates how to use Lua to effectively extend your NGINX capabilities.

  • Keep an eye on your servers
    There are thousands of monitoring systems. This blog post showcases how to build / DIY Zabbix with Docker containers. Part 1 includes a Zabbix installation.

#5 Case Studies

This is a short overview of the companies that are using Cloud 66 in their infrastructure. Learn more about different use cases:

All-time favorites

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