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Ubuntu 20.04 Now Supported!

Vic van GoolVic van Gool
Oct 4th 21


Announcing support for Ubuntu 20.04 on all Cloud 66 products (including registered servers). From this point onward, brand new applications will have Ubuntu 20.04 installed. We will continue to install Ubuntu 18.04 when scaling up servers in an existing application. Don't forget, you can control your target Ubuntu version through your manifest!

It has been a while in the building and testing (and dependency pruning), but we are now very pleased to make it public. Some of our users have been waiting for this for a while, and we thank them for their patience!

Ubuntu 20.04 is the current generation of Ubuntu's LTS (Long Term Support) releases. According to the release schedule maintained by Canonical, as a LTS release, Ubuntu 20.04 will have it EOL (End of Life) in April 2030, with standard support (patches and bug fixes) until April 2025. Users who are on Ubuntu 18.04 don't need to upgrade urgently as Ubuntu 18.04 is also a LTS release, and Ubuntu 18.04  has its EOL scheduled for April 2028, with standard support until April 2023.


Source: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases

What version do I have running now?

You can now view your stack's operating system versions via your stack information page. It will show you all the operating systems you have on your stack's servers (as there may be more than one). Each server information page now includes information about the operating system running on that server.

How to upgrade?

For existing applications, due to differences at an operating system level, it isn't possible to perform an in-place upgrade of the operating system. Instead you should use a manifest file to specify your target operating system (remember to commit and deploy it), then scale up new servers which will be based on the target operating system you have in your manifest.

Servers on Ubuntu 16.04 (and less)

Users with servers that are still on Ubuntu 16.04 (or less) should be looking to migrate to Ubuntu 20.04 as soon as possible. This is because Ubuntu 16.04 is now beyond its standard support lifetime and is no longer receiving patches. Although Cloud 66 will endeavour to keep those running, upstream dependency changes could make that impossible at any point in the future.

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