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Top 2016 articles on Cloud 66 blog

Kasia HoffmanKasia Hoffman
Dec 27th 16Updated Jul 11th 22
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Christmas is already over and with only a few days left in the year, maybe you can spare 5 minutes to read a quick review of the best articles published on the Cloud 66 blog in 2016. This year we've focused a lot on our content and shared with you our experiences, opinions and announcements of new products, features and tools.

Best 2016 blogs

This is a short list of your favorite articles that have received the highest number of views and social media shares.

No 1

"9 Critical Decisions for Running Docker in Production"

There is no doubt that the container technology matured in the last year. After Docker being a buzz word in 2015 and a new thing that everyone wants to try implementing in their architecture, there was still the question; How?

Combining our in-house experience with the feedback from our customers (the early adopters of containers) we asked James to create a list of the critical decision that developers need to make before using containers in production.

Read the full article, here

No 2

"How to Get Code into a Docker Container"

Following the Docker theme, once you know what decisions need to be made, the next important step is to know how to transition into container-base deployment. And this article covers it very well; it looks at the options you can use to push code into our containers and the factors you should consider with each approach.

  • option one the use of Git clone,
  • option two talks about shared volumes,
  • option three explain the difference between the ADD or COPY command

Check it out, here

No 3

"Using SSH Private keys securely in Docker build"

Another popular topic was about the use of private SSH keys in Docker build. The main concern is the security and privacy. This article includes a review of different approaches that has been suggested. It reviles why they are not perfect and offers the best solution.

The answer is to use a local web server and Habitus, an open source build flow tool for Docker. Find out more here.

No 4

"How to deploy RESTful APIs using Node, Express 4 and Docker"

The beauty of the microservices technology is the fact that they allow you to mix and match different technologies to create complex projects with a short time.

This article gives a step-by-step guide of how to deploy Node Express with Docker. You can learn how to build the API using Node Express 4, understand how to try it out locally using Docker Compose, and deploy your Dockerized API to your choice of cloud vendor using Cloud 66.

Learn more here.

No 5

"Google's infrastructure for everyone else"

This is an opinion piece that was originally written for Infoworld by our CEO, Khash Sajadi.

Khash talks about using the right tools for your infrastructure set up. He showcases Google and Kubernetes as an example of containers being an "infrastructure setup of the future". But is Google the right choice for everyone? Or is this just part of Google's strategy to leapfrog AWS?

Developers just need simple tools that work and build the next-gen infrastructure based on containers. Read the whole article here.

No 6

"Getting the Most out of your Database with Ruby on Rails"

Next article focuses on Ruby on Rails applications. It outlines tips, tricks, and previously hidden gems that help you create a secure, future-proof, and high performance Rails-based application.

This is a detailed guide that offers you several ways to make your Rails applications even better. Find out more here.

No 7

"Using Node with Docker"

This article was published earlier this month and has already been very popular with readers. It shares some of the most painful issues that can occur while trying to get different Node projects to work with Docker. And it offers a solution to help you avoid the same issues.

Check out the full article here.

This is our fantastic seven. Thank you for visiting Cloud 66 blog, we hope you find our articles helpful. If you have an idea for an article or would like to contribute to our content, please get in touch!

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