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Speed and organization updates!

Khash SajadiKhash Sajadi
May 1st 14Updated Jul 26th 17

We have some exciting updates from the past week!


We've listened to your feedback and have made several changes to make your lives easier.

  • Members can now control user permissions for an organization other than their own.
  • You can set a default permission for a user for all future stacks - so you don't have to keep updating this for new stacks.
  • Your selected organization is now saved across different browsers and devices.

Deployment speeds

We're constantly working to make your deployments faster, and recently made several changes to how we manage asset pipeline compilation. Check out our documentation for several ways to improve your deployment speeds - we managed to shave over 50% off our deployment time!

Support for Google Compute Engine

We now support Google Compute Engine, with data centers in the US, Europe and Asia! See our blog post for more information and $500 credit!

Discontinuation of the gem toolbelt

We announced a new toolbelt last month and couldn't be happier with its uptake. We've now switched over our development efforts entirely to this toolbelt. See our toolbelt documentation for more information!

Set environment variables without redeploying

A new feature we recently snuck into the new toolbelt is the ability to set environment variables without having to redeploy!

Rails 4.1 database URL support

We've added support for database URLs in your database.yml files for Rails 4.1.

HAProxy IP forwarding

We're compiling Nginx with the RealIP module, and configuring HAProxy to forward the source IP of your visitors, so your logs will now show the source IP rather than your load balancers IP!

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