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Skycap a Container Native Continuous Integration

Kasia HoffmanKasia Hoffman
Aug 31st 17Updated Jul 6th 22


Containers are a fantastic way to package apps together with all of the dependencies that are needed to run. Projects like Kubernetes, Docker and Maestro make managing containers much easy. However, the base of the good containerization process is a small, secure and reliable image.

To build a container image, here at Cloud 66, we use and recommend Skycap. It's a container native CI/CD solution that allows you to build your image from the source code in a reliable and repeatable way. It takes your code from your git repository and runs your docker build workflow step by step. It can produce more than one image and comes complete with an intuitive UI and private Docker repository.

So, the Container Native Continuous Integration is a mouthful, but it's crucial and it makes a big difference if your CI pipeline knows it's building a container instead of running scripts one after another blindly.

Here are some of the Skycap features that will help developers and their team achieve more:

  • Provide clear traceability from committed code to the running container.
  • Complete end to end solution including a hosted private Docker repository with every pipeline.
  • Full control for teams and organizations with approval and sign off steps for build and deployment.
  • Rollback and rebuild of images based on previous commits.
  • Simple, intuitive user interface.
  • Full integration with Github or any other Git repository.
    Seamless integration with Maestro, the Kubernetes backed container deployment solution from Cloud 66.

Watch this short demo that shows how Cloud 66 Skycap can build a Docker image from your source code.

For more information on Skycap check out our help page on getting started with Skycap for building container images.

Skycap is fully and seamlessly integrated with Cloud 66 Maestro for deployment and maintenance of your container-based applications in production. Skycap can also be used with other container management tools.

Happy Image Building with Skycap!

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