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Rails v5.0 now available with Cloud 66

Kasia HoffmanKasia Hoffman
Jul 18th 16Updated Jul 18th 16
Ruby on Rails


Two weeks ago, Rails announced the release of their latest version - Rails v.5.0. It's by far the best and most complete version of Rails yet, and we're thrilled to announce Rails v5.0 is now supported by Cloud 66.

What’s new with Rails v5.0?

This was a big Rails release, which includes a number of updates and some new features. The most exciting features to come out of the release is Action Cable and API mode. Let’s take a closer look at how they're integrated with Cloud 66:

Action Cable
This brand-new framework was created to handle WebSockets in Rails. It's a seamlessly integrated solution for managing connections, a channels layer for server-side processing, and a JavaScript layer for client-side integration. Action Cable framework is now available with Cloud 66 for Rails.

We've optimized our application server setup by using Passenger as the default, to gain the best performance for your ActionCable needs. When you decide to deploy a load balancer in your stack, we'll take care of forwarding the WebSockets packets transparently. There's no need to configure anything.

Action Cable
Github stars: 31,842
Github contributors: 41
RubyGems website downloads: 298,085

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API mode
With API mode you can create a new Rails application using rails new backend --api and you'll receive a slimmed down skeleton and configuration that assumes it works with JSON, not HTML.

By default, API mode just relies on #to_json calls on model classes. This is not the final version of this feature and there'll be more work done on it, but it’s already in great shape.

Once again, we're using Passenger as the default for performance in order to meet the needs of your API. When you deploy your load balancer Cloud 66 takes care of forwarding all API calls transparently, without the need for any additional configuration.

NOTES: Passenger v5.0.25 and above is compatible with Rails v5.0. This version of Passenger is already supported by Cloud 66.

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