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Rails Stack Controlling Node Version

Vic van GoolVic van Gool
Nov 20th 18Updated Jul 5th 22
Ruby on Rails


We are happy to announce a release for the Node Version Control in our Rails Stacks that went out last week.

What is it?

With this update, you can control which version is installed in your Rails application, by editing the manifest file for your Rails stack.

How does it work?

We automatically install Node when we set up your Rack/Rails stack servers. With the surge in popularity of webpack, customers have been asking for control over the specific Node version, and they can now do that through the use of their manifest!

    node_version: "6" # will install latest v6.x.x
    node_version: "6.14" # will install latest v6.14.x
    node_version: "6.14.4" # will install specific v6.14.4

Note: To apply Node version changes you need to update your manifest in your code, then deploy-with-options selecting the "Apply Ruby/Node upgrades" option.

For more information check out our help documentation.

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