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Rails 6 Now Supported!

Kasia HoffmanKasia Hoffman
Aug 23rd 19Updated Jun 20th 22
Ruby on Rails


Rails 6 is out now and this release brings a number of long-awaited features and changes e.g. ActionMailbox, ActionText, multiple databases support,  parallel testing, and Webpacker handling JavaScript by default.  You can find out more details about Rails 6 in the DHH release article.

Here at Cloud 66, we are happy to announce that Rails 6 is supported by Cloud 66 for Rails!

Rails 6 on Cloud 66

If you already running your Rails application on Cloud 66 and would like to use Rails 6, upgrade your application to the latest version and redeploy.

If you are bringing a new Rails 6 application to Cloud 66, we will analyze your app configurations and detect the Rails version that you are using. Once you are happy with all the settings hit the deploy button and deploy your application to any cloud or server!

How to upgrade your application to Rails 6

Before you jump in and upgrade to Rails 6, we recommend that you review the Rails upgrade article for step-by-step instructions and things to watch out for. Also, worth noting that Rails 6 requires Ruby 2.5+ and upgraded databases!

Bonus points: If you're looking for file differences between versions of Rails we've found that RailsDiff is a fantastic resource!

Cloud 66 ♥ Rails 6

We hope you enjoy this release!  

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