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Multiple Payment Methods

Kasia HoffmanKasia Hoffman
Feb 8th 17Updated Jul 8th 22


Today, we are happy to announce the support for Multiple Payment Methods. This feature allows users to add more than one credit card to their account.

How does it work?

Until now, Cloud 66 users were able to add only one credit card to their account. This works well as a payment method, but it didn't give enough flexibility to the multiple account owners for example when you want to switch your personal card with the company card without disruption to the service and your company card around!

Therefore we are happy to bring you Multiple Payment Methods. This feature is available now from Cloud 66 UI. It allows you to add more than one credit card to your account and allows you to specify which card we should use for the service payments.

Additionally, you can remove a non-default payment method and set it up by default at any time.

When would I use Multiple Payment Methods?

There are two main scenarios when Multiple Payment Methods can come handy.

  • Firstly, allows developers to sign up and test Cloud 66 with their personal card. And once they are happy with the service they can swap their card with the company card.

  • The second scenario applies to the card expiration date. This allows users to add a temporary card, or second card while they are waiting for the updated card arrival.

Let's get started

To use Multiple Payment Methods, log in to your Cloud 66 account and click on the Accounts on the right, top bar on our dashboard, from there click on Payments Method. You can now add another card to your account.

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