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Moving from dotCloud to Cloud 66

Kasia HoffmanKasia Hoffman
Feb 15th 16Updated Jun 8th 22
Ruby on Rails


Following the news that dotCloud would be shutting down its PaaS service, we received several questions from dotCloud customers asking about support for moving their apps to Cloud 66. For anyone who's been affected by the termination of their service, we'd like to offer our help for a pain-free migration to Cloud 66.

For those not familiar, Cloud 66 specializes in DevOps as a service for native Ruby and Rails hosting (Classic Stack) and full stack container management as a service in production (Docker Stack), on your own servers, on any cloud (eg. DigitalOcean, Linode, Packet, AWS, Azure, GoogleCloud and more). You have full control of the underlying infrastructure, while still enjoying the convenience of managed infrastructure. Unlike 'black-box' PaaS lock-ins, we offer flexibility and workflow choice based on a pay-as-you-play usage model. You can read more about our take on stand-alone PaaS becoming obsolete in The Cost of DIY PaaS and It's Official: Public PaaS is Dead.

Your apps are very likely to use databases and other components. We support MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Redis as well as ElasticSearch, MemcacheD and RabbitMQ out of the box, and you can add and install your own components on the servers. They're your servers after all! You can have a look at a summary of all the Cloud 66 features available to you on our website.

Signing up for a Cloud 66 account is easy, and comes with a 4-week free trial. Check out our help page, which breaks down the 4 easy steps to getting started with Cloud 66.

For any burning questions on how it all works, please join the Cloud 66 Slack Community, where you can get tips on getting the best out of the Cloud 66 service, while learning from other awesome developers. Alternatively, simply email us and we'll be happy to help!

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