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Managed Backups with Single Click Restore

Khash SajadiKhash Sajadi
May 19th 13Updated Jul 27th 17

Simple and single click database backups, stored in the cloud for security and easy restore.

Today we are announcing a major new functionality on Cloud 66: Managed Backups with Single Click Restore.

With managed backups you can backup all of your app databases backed up with on a regular basis and restore them with a single click.

The backups are stored offsite on a highly available and reliable storage managed by Cloud 66 and you can restore your database backups with a single click.


Setting up the backup takes less than 10 seconds and is very simple:


You can see the backups icon on your stack.


After this, backups run at the scheduled times automatically:


Restoring your database to a single backup point is as simple as
clicking Restore.


Your app will be reconfigured to work with the restored database automatically.

Managed backups cost $0.20 per GB per month + $5 per month per stack and support MySQL , PostreSQL , MongoDB and Redis for both backup and Single Click Restore. All of your app’s databases will be included in each backup automatically to create a restore point across the whole stack.

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