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Maestro, a full container management service

Kasia HoffmanKasia Hoffman
Sep 1st 17Updated Jul 6th 22


Containers and microservices are a great way to package applications together with all of the dependencies that are needed to run in production.

Starting from the creation of a good container image, with tools like Skycap and moving to container deployment, management and maintenance to achieve an end-to-end solution. The easiest way to deploy containerized applications in production is the use of the mix of Docker containers with the power of Kubernetes orchestration and traditional deployment models. Here at Cloud 66, we recommend Maestro.

Maestro is a full stack application management platform. With support for containers (backed by Kubernetes) and complete with support for non-container parts of your infrastructure including firewalls and network, databases (provisioning, monitoring, backups and replication), security and ACL access control, OS and server level security monitoring, deployment workflow management, and native DB and storage components and more.

Maestro takes care of a lot more than just your containers.

Here is how Maestro adds value to your team's deployment workflow:

  • Deployment of databases on your servers with backups, native replication for MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ and Memcached.
  • Full support for organizations and teams with fine-tuned access control rights.
  • The most intuitive user interface, API and command line way to deploy and manage a container-based infrastructure.
  • Seamless integration with Skycap, the container native CI solution from Cloud 66.
  • Support for multi-cloud and multi-data center resilience with FailoverGroups.
  • Complete Linux user management for your team.

Watch this short demo on how to build and deploy Kubernetes, MySQL, Redis and your application to AWS using Cloud 66 Maestro.

For more information on Maestro check out our help page on Getting started with Maestro for deployment

Maestro is fully and seamlessly integrated with Cloud 66 Skycap. It can also be used with any container workflow tool and CI/CD.

Happy Containers Deployment with Maestro!

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