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Load Balancing Rails Apps On Joyent

Khash SajadiKhash Sajadi
Dec 4th 12Updated Jul 27th 17
Ruby on Rails

Another week and another roll of killer features at Cloud 66.

Here is a summary:

First Class Load Balancing Support for Joyent Cloud

We now support fully automated HAProxy deployment and configuration on Joyent Cloud.

If you decide to deploy you Rails app on AWS through Cloud 66, you can fire up an Elastic Load Balancer on your AWS and put your web servers behind it with a click of a button on Cloud 66. However, this feature was missing when you were running your Rails app on Joyent.

We are pleased to announce that from now on, you can deploy a fully configured HAProxy on a server at Joyent Cloud that balances the load between your web servers.


Environment Variables Support

We now fully support environment variables in the Rails apps. This means you can use ENV in database.yml and other configuration files as well as through out your code and rake tasks without the need to make any changes.

The environment variables are configurable through the UI as well:


Live Help

You can now get hold of us in our Live Help developer chat room. This is were Cloud 66 developers hang out to help and support our awesome community. Come and say hi!

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