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Keep your projects in shape with Gemnasium

Khash SajadiKhash Sajadi
Dec 10th 13Updated Jul 27th 17

Integrate the power of Gemnasium into your Cloud 66 StackScore

We all use a lot of open source and external libraries in our code. That’s the beauty of having a thriving ecosystem like RubyGems.

With this however comes the issue of keeping track of all those external dependencies to make sure you are always using the latest secure versions of them.

This is where Gemnasium comes in.


Gemnasium reads and analyses your project dependencies and gives you a full breakdown report of all gems used that have a security issue or are out of date. We think this is awesome and that’s why we partnered up with the amazing guys at Gemnasium to bring all this goodness to our Cloud 66 customers.

From today, all stacks are analysed by Gemnasium in realtime after each deploy (and on a daily basis) and the results are integrated into your StackScore. You will be able to see all the gems that have security issues and get a more detailed report if you signup for Gemnasium.


Stay safe, stay awesome!

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