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Fine grained permission rights

Khash SajadiKhash Sajadi
Jul 20th 15Updated Jul 26th 17

Another day another awesome feature release to make our customers happy! Today I am excited to tell you about our new version of access right control system.

The new access rights control allows you to grant or deny access rights from a range of permissions to teams within your organisation. Every new account on Cloud 66 is created with a set of default access rights from View-only rights to full admin permissions. Once you invite a new team member to your organisation you can assign them into specific roles which will in turn controls their access to individual permission rights.

You can create new and custom roles with a specific set of permissions to take care of access rights for your developers, developer managers, account managers or even your CEO to make sure she can see everything, but is not allowed to touch and break anything!

Until now access rights we based on a gradient of access rights which was coarse and sliced into large chunks of permissions. Our customers asked for this to be changed and we delivered. But this is just the beginning. With the new access right control system in place, we are going to introduce new access rights for different areas of the system to help you more.

As always, we are looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback about our product and its features.


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