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Feature Highlights: Maestro Cluster

Khash SajadiKhash Sajadi
Jul 29th 20Updated Jan 7th 22
Ruby on Rails


What are Maestro Clusters?

A Maestro Cluster is a “blank” instance of Kubernetes infrastructure - i.e. with no application specific components installed. You can use a Cluster to deploy multiple applications to the same set of servers.

Clusters are part of Maestro. Maestro is a PaaS that makes deployment of containers to any cloud very simple. To deploy your application using Maestro, all you need is a Dockerfile in your source repository.

How to use it?

First, click on the Clusters link on top of your Maestro stack dashboard and follow the steps to create your first cluster on your favorite cloud provider.

Now when deploying your apps, instead of choosing a cloud provider, choose your cluster as the deployment destination. Read our detailed help doc for more information.

Who is it for?

Clusters let you run multiple applications on the same servers, which makes them ideal for businesses that need to host multiple applications as cost effectively as possible without sacrificing performance, stability or modularity.  

Cloud 66 for Rails is the best Rails deployment tool. It's loved by thousands of developers around the world. However, it has a limitation: you can only deploy one Rails application to a server.

Deploying a Rails application on a server often requires making OS-level changes: Environment variables, packages, libraries, and more. This makes deploying more than one application to the same server tricky and prone to errors and breakages.

The best way to run multiple applications on the same server is to put them into containers and Maestro makes that very simple.

Bonus point: Sending different URLs to different applications

If you need to open your applications to internet traffic you can use Traffic Matches feature to direct the traffic to the right application based on its URL. All you need to do is add a few lines to the YAML file that defines your apps in Maestro. Our detailed guide will show you how it's done, and get you up and running in under 5 mins.

More info:

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