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Feature Highlight: Verified Backups

Khash SajadiKhash Sajadi
Dec 2nd 20Updated Jan 7th 22


Database backups are only as good as their recoverability. There is no point in taking backups that fail you when it's time to restore them, and a false sense of security may cause more harm than good.

Basic Backups

All Application Stacks at Cloud 66 support native database backups for all major database types. Backups are taken at the database servers and shipped to the closest secure storage facility to your servers, managed by Cloud 66.

Verified Backups

While backups are an excellent way to start protecting your data from disasters and human error, you can do more to ensure their integrity with Verified Backups.

Verified Backups work by running a user-defined query against a restored backup to ensure the data is what you expected it to be. Once the query runs successfully, the backup is marked as verified.

This process runs on a containerized server of the same type as the one that has taken the backup. These backup verifier servers are then shut down and disposed of to avoid leaving any traces of your data around.

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