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Continuous delivery with Codeship and Cloud 66

Philip KallbergPhilip Kallberg
Oct 22nd 14Updated Jul 26th 17

Codeship and Cloud 66

We're really excited to announce our partnership with the awesome guys at Codeship! We love the idea of building for the builders (aka developers), and by helping developers focus on their code and automating its delivery, they can do more of what they love.

Why Codeship?
Our partnership with Codeship is founded on the idea of making lives easier for developers, and this integration does exactly that.

By triggering automated tests on your code when you push your code, you can deploy with confidence. Your users will love the speed at which your new features are rolled out!

How does Cloud 66 integrate with Codeship?
Integrating Cloud 66 with Codeship is as simple as copying and pasting a URL!

Once you've deployed your stack with Cloud 66, you'll see a Redeployment hook URL on your Stack information page. When you visit your project on Codeship, simply click "Set up Continuous Deployment", select "Script" and paste your URL into the field in this format:

curl -X POST -d "" [Redeployment hook URL]

We're working hard to make this process simpler, and would love to hear your feedback! We're all about making your life easier, and we're all ears :)

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