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Changelog 27th July 2017

Kasia HoffmanKasia Hoffman
Jul 27th 17Updated Jul 6th 22


Welcome to Cloud 66 Changelog. Please take a quick look at the latest changes that went out this week!

Container Stacks v2 (CSv2) for everyone

On Tuesday we have announced that the Cloud 66 Kubernetes support is now in general availability.

This means that Maestro our full stack application management solution, uses Kubernetes as an orchestration tool for the CSv2.

To use CSv2 (Kubernetes), tick the box ```Use Container Stacks v2``' in the Deployment Setup section.

New Deploy hook type

For anyone wanting to run deploy hooks on container based stacks, there has been a problem of knowing where to put your script content.

Now we've introduced a new type of deploy hook called inline - using this you can define within the deploy hook definition a script to run (or simply copy) to your host during deployments. Enjoy!

Check out our help page for more details.

New Stacks badge

Stacks now have a "badge" which can show their state using a simple embeddable image. Using colors and text and generated dynamically as scalable SVG images, badges can be embedded in dashboards, GitHub projects, and even emails!

For deeper integration with your systems, you can swap the .svg extension with .json and get the stack status in JSON format.

To add the Stacks badge go to stack page in Settings & Information and click the Information tab.

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