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Say hello to Azure!

Kasia HoffmanKasia Hoffman
Dec 16th 14Updated Jul 26th 17

We are thrilled to announce new cloud vendor is in the Cloud 66 family: Microsoft Azure. Azure combines VMs running on Linux and Windows on a mix of IaaS and PaaS, providing a unique combination of feature sets to their customers.

Since we ran our “Which Cloud Provider Should We Support?” survey while back, Azure has been a clear winner with 22.9%. So as usual you ask – we do!

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When should you use Azure?

Microsoft has been very generous with their startup cloud credit (usually $60k), which now you can put to good use by deploying your awesome apps on Azure with Cloud 66.

Another advantage of the Azure Cloud is the ability to mix Linux and Windows servers on your cloud. This will give you more freedom and flexibility.

Let's get started

We are very excited about the Cloud 66 and Azure partnership and we are here to help our customers to explore Azure – so lets get started!

To get started, simply choose Azure from the list of cloud providers and deploy your stack.

Enjoy and as always please sent us your feedback!

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