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Cloud 66 startup offer

Khash SajadiKhash Sajadi
Feb 19th 14Updated Aug 12th 21



Startups receive tons of free cloud computing credit from infrastructure providers, but hardly use them because managing servers is not their specialty. Put your credits to use now!

Startup Cloud Credits Everywhere

As the cloud computing space grows by leaps and bounds, so does the competition amongst the providers of the crucial computing horsepower that underpins the industry. These players are poaching each others employees, slashing prices and upending long-held strategies to fight it out over one of the fastest-growing areas of technology.

For consumers of cloud computing, this competition translates into great value, and startups are perhaps the biggest beneficiaries of this. Startups around the world are often given tens of thousands of dollars in credit from major infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers, who hope to get a foothold in up and coming companies before they make it big.

Amazon for example offers $12,000 of credit for its AWS offering, while Rackspace offers $36,000 and Microsoft Azure offers $60,000. These are incredible offers for cash-strapped startups, and brings the lean startup mentality to a whole new level.

Despite these and many other benefits, there is one big problem - namely that many startup founders have no expertise in managing servers in these complex cloud infrastructures. We have personally witnessed a handful of startups who simply dont know what to do with all these credits and ultimately end up not using them!

Other startup founders might decide to learn about configuring their server infrastructure to leverage these credits, but this ends up being detrimental to their main value-add. Still some startups choose to use PaaS providers to make things easier, but end up having a blackbox infrastructure with unsustainable pricing.

Our Offer

With all this in mind, Cloud 66 would like to announce a startup offer of their own, which finally allows startups to concentrate on building their products while managing their cloud infrastructure transparently on any cloud. As we support seven different cloud providers with data centers all over the world, were confident that we can help startups everywhere leverage their free credits and stay cost-effective at a time when they need it most.

If you’re a startup and hold free credit on a cloud vendor, please fill out our Startup Credit form to tell us about your setup and we’ll be happy to work with you to find a solution (and pricing!) that meets your needs. Feel free to reach out even if you don’t have credit!

Try Cloud 66 for Free, No credit card required