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Cloud 66 and Honeybadger Integration

Khash SajadiKhash Sajadi
Mar 6th 14Updated Jul 26th 17


Today we are excited to announce our partnership with Honeybadger, a great exception monitoring service used by many great companies from Pivotal Labs and Thoughtbot to DigitalOcean and eBay.

This partnership allows us to bring the goodness of Honeybadger to Cloud 66 users everywhere. All you need to do is to add the Honeybadger add-on to your stack which notifies Honeybadger about the deployments you do on Cloud 66 and resets the exception counters, complete with the name of the person who triggered the deployment and the git reference of the release.


We have been using Honeybadger here at Cloud 66 and really love the complete picture they present about the errors and exceptions in the apps as they happen.


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