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Christmas Newsletter 2017

Kasia HoffmanKasia Hoffman
Dec 21st 17Updated Jul 6th 22


Have a cracking holiday!

Wishing you a wondrous holiday season full of happiness, joy and laughter! May 2018 sparkle you with excellent code, smooth pipelines, easy deployments and dazzling success.

In this time of gratitude, the only thing left is to say a massive thank you for being our fabulous customer.

Fan{tech}tic holidays from the Cloud 66 Crew.
Fa la la la la, la la la la!

Holidays Schedule:

Please note that the office will be closed for the following days:

  • Sunday 24th,
  • Monday 25th,
  • Tuesday 26th of December 2017 and
  • Monday 1st of January 2018.

We will be responding to urgent support tickets and premium support customers during the holiday period.

The 12 months of Cloud 66

On the twelfth month of Cloud 66, our developers gave to us:

  • one git repo,
  • two Rails apps,
  • three docker-files,
  • four API's,
  • five different ports,
  • six cloud providers,
  • seven datacenters,
  • eight open projects,
  • nine log files,
  • ten kube apps,
  • eleven workers,
  • sudo and bash. :)

In January we focused on the new features. We launched Binary Backups, that provides a fast method to create and restore backups for a large database, while the server is still up and running. Also, we announced a ChatOps bot called Igor, that operates on your stacks directly from the Slack chat window. And we added the Meteor framework to Cloud 66 for Node family.

Back in February, we introduced Multiple Payment Methods that allow you to add more than one credit card to your account.

In March we were working hard on some improvements, which we announced in April. We have improved our frontend code to increase both speed and snappiness of the UI. We worked on the ContainerNet feature and optimized BuildGrid infrastructure for your Docker builds. We've modified the DNS configuration that we apply to servers to use a combination of the cloud-provided version and our own (or user-defined) version. We changed the stack overview page by splitting it into a Services and Cluster view. And lastly, we added a new tunnel (cx) command to Cloud 66 Toolbelt.

We carried on with the improvements in May and we enabled a Multi-hour backup to give you more flexibility. Additionally, we added support for the Webpacker Gem and Yarn.

June! Thanks to SSL certification improvements, you can be notified when your SSL certificate installation succeeds, fails, or is close to expiry. We released Container Stacks v2 to public beta and support for Multiple Dockerfiles and Auto-complete on Service.yml. Lastly, we've split Cloud 66 for Containers into two new products, Skycap and Maestro and introduced a new pricing model with four plans (Community, Starter, Maestro and Pro).

Since July, you can auto-generate environment variables. Also, we made further improvements to Container Stack v2 (CSv2) and released it for general availability. Additionally, we created a new type of deploy hook called inline , it allows you to define within the deploy hook definition a script to run or copy to your host during deployments. Lastly, with the stack "badge", you can show the state of stacks using a simple embeddable image.

In August we released a support for service debugging when your CSv2 application wouldn't start at all. And we delivered optional pulling of submodules feature, that allows you to exclude git submodules from the deployment for your Rails stacks using a simple option in the manifest.yml.

Ufff the summer was very busy and in September we worked on the improvements that were to be announced in the coming months.

In October we moved away from the old Azure Service Management deployment model and added a new integration using the new Azure Resource Management deployment model.

In November and December, we worked behind the scenes to get ready for 2018! Worth to remember that by the end of February 28th, 2018, all the existing Container Stacks v1 need to be migrated to CSv2. Your existing stacks will still run, but you won't be able to deploy them.A migration plan will be released in early 2018 to ensure you've got plenty of time to upgrade.

Lastly, all best wishes from the Cloud 66 crew!


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