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Changelog (May 15)

Khash SajadiKhash Sajadi
May 15th 14Updated May 21st 15


What's changed since last time?

An oldschool changelog for what we were up to last week:

  • Better invoices

We are now generating invoices you can proudly show your accountant! They are attached to your bills and can be downloaded from the payments page.

  • Send invoices to your accountant

You can also send the invoices to a secondary email address (like your financial controller or accountant) other than the account holder (under your Account page).

  • Stack level notifications

Notifications are now per stack.
Until now, finished deployment notifications for all of your stacks were going to the same channel in Slack or Hipchat. Now you can send them to different channels per stack or decide which stacks you want to get emails about and which ones are not going to ruin your InboxZero.

  • Refer a friend

Almost everyone who has enjoyed using Cloud 66 has also referred it to a friend. We thought we should say thank you for talking about Cloud 66 with your friends by sending you a $20 Amazon gift voucher when you refer a friend. Your friend also gets a $10 credit when they use your referral link.
More about our referral program.

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