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Changelog 8th July 2021

Kasia HoffmanKasia Hoffman
Jul 8th 21


Welcome to the Cloud 66 Changelog. These are the changes that have gone out this month:

Traffic Enhancements


Part 1 :

We are happy to announce that we have released the first part of our Traffic enhancement work. With this release, we now have the long awaited support for locking traffic to your load balancer! Also included in this release is automatic support for ModSec and OWASP rule sets. We have also brought CORS configuration into the UI (previously this was manifest-only). Take a look at your application's Network >> Traffic page to see the new options.

Part 2 :

Following up on part 1, we now support allowing and blocking web traffic by Country! Take a look at your application's Network >> Traffic pages for this new traffic filter.

Note that existing applications will need to update via their application updates to use of Traffic Enhancements functionalities.

More network/traffic enhancements are on their way, so watch this space!

Extended Application Health Check


We now support extended application health checks. Before this improvement, application health check was not configurable.

Now our customers can configure health checks either through the UI or manifest file. You can specify the health check endpoint, accepted status codes, timeout, max redirects etc. For more information, check out the Application Health Check Docs or watch Application Health Check in action.

Health checks can also be configured to run after each deployment with a Post Deployment Health Check. If your application requires some time to initialise before being checked, you can use the new "cooldown" parameter. This specifies how long we will wait after each deployment before running the check.

Webhook History


Building a CI/CD pipeline with Cloud 66 usually involves using webhooks to start a build or deployment once new code has been committed to the repo.

Now you can see a history of recent webhook calls to your Cloud 66 account in one place and inspect them for payload or timing issues.

Webhook History can be found under the Audit tab of your account.

NGINX v1.20.x Now Supported


We now support a newer version of NGINX for all newly provisioned servers running Ubuntu 18.04. This is the culmination of a lot of work to include a whole range of useful modules, so we're pretty pleased about this one! In fact, the compilation process was such a challenge, we decided to open source our work here!

Any new servers created from now will benefit from this NGINX update immediately; you can also use an application update to upgrade existing servers (although this is of course a less desirable approach). See the list of the modules we now support by default in our help documentation.

Note: Although we have some NGINX configuration changes coming, your existing configurations should still work with the new version of NGINX; please contact support if you encounter any issues.

New Ruby versions released


For our Rails/Rack users, the latest Ruby security patch releases are now available. This includes Ruby 3.0.2, 2.7.4 and 2.6.8. For more information, see the official release notes.

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